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Ireland Launch of the World Energy Outlook 2012

30 Nov 2012

Minister Rabbitte and Dr. Birol launched the World Energy Outlook (WEO) – the IEA’s flagship publication. It presents authoritative projections of global energy trends through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for energy security, sustainability and economic development. Specific strategic analyses cover: the economic potential of energy efficiency, the Iraqi energy sector, the water-energy nexus and progress towards universal energy access.

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The Digital/Energy interface – a Focus of the Irish Presidency

29 Nov 2012

The EU’s digital and energy agendas converge under the Irish EU Presidency.

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EU-U.S. Free Trade Talks: Good omens and red lines

28 Nov 2012

A number of developments in recent weeks have signalled the political will and momentum for an EU-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. However, the challenges and red lines have also become clearer.

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The Stability Treaty Ratification Map Update - 27-Nov-2012

27 Nov 2012

France and Estonia are the latest countries to ratify the Fiscal Stability Treaty and Slovakia is due to follow suit this week. A number of other countries have started or made progress, leaving only Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary and Sweden yet to begin the process. According to a report prepared for the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee meeting on 26 November 2012, the ratification procedure has been completed in fifteen Member States (of which twelve are Eurozone countries), although the final formal step of depositing the instruments of ratification with the Council of the European Union has only been carried out by twelve Member States (of which eight are Eurozone countries). It now appears likely that the required twelve Eurozone countries will deposit the instruments of ratification by the end of the year, allowing the Fiscal Stability Treaty to come into force on 1 January 2013 as planned. 

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IIEA Security and Defence Newsletter No.5 November 2012

23 Nov 2012

Update on Weimer Group meeting, Joint Ministerial Meeting on Defence and Foreign Policy, EU Mali Mission, CSDP Stock-Taking Exercise in Brussels

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Money Talks: European Council summit on the EU budget begins today

22 Nov 2012

A briefing note on the multiannual financial framework, focusing on the implications of various outcomes for specific Member States and mapping the political fault lines which may prevent a deal being struck at this week’s European Council (22-23 November).

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Green Growth for Ireland and Europe

19 Nov 2012

In his keynote address, Commissioner Potocnik discussed how the EU can help to deliver a low-carbon, resource efficient economy for Ireland and Europe.

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EU Water Blueprint

16 Nov 2012

Commission launches major strategy for European waters.

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The EU Budget, Global Europe and Global Development

14 Nov 2012

This blog considers the EU’s ‘Global Europe’ development aid in the recent debates over the Multi-Annual Financial Framework, i.e. the EU’s budget.

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Stopping the Clock on Aviation and the EU-ETS

13 Nov 2012

The European Commission has stopped the clock on aviation emissions in the EU-ETS.

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Looking Forward to the 18th Party Congress: Signs of Reform?

07 Nov 2012

The 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) begins on 8 November 2012, heralding the ascent of a new generation of Chinese leaders and, potentially, significant political and economic reforms.

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