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EU Enlargement and the Irish Presidency

23 Oct 2012

The Commission’s annual Progress Report on Enlargement indicates what developments may occur in this area during Ireland’s Presidency in 2013. 

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Fuel, Food and Climate: Getting the Balance Right?

22 Oct 2012

A Commission proposal to enhance the sustainability of biofuels has sparked controversy – does it go too far or not far enough?

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Beyond the British Veto - New Paper Download

19 Oct 2012

This paper addresses the political situation in the UK in the aftermath of Prime Minister Cameron’s refusal last December to support moves towards closer European integration. 


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Major reform to be discussed at this week’s European Council

18 Oct 2012

In this blog Oisín Gilmore considers the significant reform proposals contained in Van Rompuy’s Interim Report to the October 2012 European Council. These topics include proposals for a Eurozone budget and proposals for individual contracts between the EU and Member States.

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Paper - 40th Anniversary: The Paris Summit, October 1972

17 Oct 2012

A new paper by Tony Brown to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Paris Summit, October 1972.

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Fixing the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme?

15 Oct 2012

This seminar focused on the future of the ailing EU Emissions Trading Scheme and proposals for reform. A draft proposal to revive the EU-ETS was announced by EU Climate Action Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, in July and is currently the subject of intense debate. The proposal aims to address the major oversupply of emissions allowances in the ETS system in the short-term, which has led to weak carbon prices. The bigger question of how credibility will be restored in the market over the longer-term remains unanswered, however, with a report on structural reform due in the coming months. 

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Last chance to change European fisheries and save our seas? Major conflicts and challenges in the CFP reform

01 Oct 2012

Negotiations on the reform of Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy are underway in earnest. The aim is to radically overhaul the system to tackle stock decline and overfishing. While the Commission proposals focus on ‘greening’ the CFP, many fear that they may be significantly watered down during the negotiations. Ahead of a crucial vote in the European Parliament in November 2012, Isabella Lövin MEP, author of Silent Seas, discussed the state of play with the negotiations and her vision for reform.

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