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Impacts of Draft Energy Efficiency Directive: Consumers, Energy Supply Companies and Governments

28 Oct 2011

Apart from increasingly desperate efforts to save the known universe from financial meltdown, one would be excused for forming the impression that little was happening in Brussels these days.

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Euro Summit Outcome: Framework Agreed, Details to Follow

27 Oct 2011

Where does the Eurozone stand after yesterday's crunch summits?

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Europe's New Sovereign Default Regime

26 Oct 2011

Peter Boone gave a presentation in Dublin yesterday which described how the EU has evolved from a regime that refused to countenance sovereign default to one where sovereign default is not only allowed in certain circumstances, but is in fact encouraged when politically and economically expedient. 

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Dr Bini Smaghi's Prescriptions for the Eurozone

25 Oct 2011

European Central Bank Executive Board Member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi gave a provocative speech last week on the European debt crisis. 

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Effects of Greece on Ireland

25 Oct 2011

What are the implications of a Greek default on Ireland and what would happen if Ireland applied a Greek-style haircut to its private bondholders?

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The Future of the Global Climate Regime

25 Oct 2011

The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Resources Institute have produced an excellent joint contribution to the debate on the post-Kyoto international climate regime.

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Trichet and Treaty Change

24 Oct 2011

Outgoing ECB President reiterates his call for a European Finance Ministry.

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Fixing Finance (Continued...)

21 Oct 2011

A busy week for the EU's financial reform agenda...

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10 Lessons of EMU

20 Oct 2011

David Marsh offers "a list of five fundamental errors of judgment occurring within EMU; a description of four prime objectives behind monetary union and a brief analysis of how successfully these have been accomplished; and 10 lessons that have been learned."

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'Troika' Statement on Ireland

20 Oct 2011

Read the latest statement of the European Commission / ECB / IMF 'troika' on Ireland's progress under the terms of its 'bailout' programme. 

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Eurozone Comment Link Roundup

19 Oct 2011
This post rounds up some interesting reports and analyses of the European economy and the Eurozone crisis that have been published in the last week or two.

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FEPS/TASC Autumn Conference Presentations

18 Oct 2011

The 2011 FEPS/TASC Autumn Conference ("From Debt to Recovery") was held on Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th in Croke Park, Dublin. TASC have posted lots of the presentation slides on their website and they are worth a look.

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