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IIEA and ESB Summit Sparks Debate on ‘Power Shift’ in Energy

24 Sep 2015

Over 300 delegates were present at the Mansion House on Friday, 18 September for the IIEA and ESB Future of Energy Summit, PowerShift: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Energy Is Wrong.


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Putting Climate-Smart Agriculture at the Centre of Food Wise 2025

14 Sep 2015

Food Wise 2025 presents a 10-year vision for the Irish agri-food industry and should guide the future development of Ireland’s largest indigenous sector. However, it will be of little value as a guide unless it is accompanied by a well-developed strategy to deal with the challenges of climate change both to the sector as it exists today, but also to the expansion envisaged under current plans. 

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The European Union and the Ukraine Crisis

09 Sep 2015

In this paper, Patrick Keatinge examines the current state of the Ukraine crisis, the possible scenarios for the future, and the implications of the crisis for both the European Union and Ireland. 

Download the paper by right-clicking here and choosing 'Save Link As'. 


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