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Security and Defence Policy Newsletter No.4

26 Sep 2012

This edition of the IIEA Security and Defence Policy newsletter, the first since the summer break, addresses a number of important national, European and global issues in the field of security policy.

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IIEA Irish Presidency Conference. SAVE THE DATE

25 Sep 2012

On 23 November 2012, the Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA) will host a pre-presidency conference in Dublin Castle. This one-day conference will examine the policy priorities of the Irish presidency and consider some of the major debates likely to take place during that period. 

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Towards political union: September 2012 update

21 Sep 2012

IIEA briefing note outlining the key elements of the debate on political union thus far and identifying the positions of a range of EU leaders, national politicians, thought leaders and commentators on what it would look like, how it could be achieved and who would be involved.

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EU-China Summit 20th September 2012

20 Sep 2012

The final EU-China Summit before the Chinese leadership transition this autumn takes place on 20th of September 2012.

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The Challenges Facing European Energy Policy

20 Sep 2012

On his first visit to Dublin, which marked the opening of the East West Interconnector on 20 September, Commissioner Oettinger highlighted the importance of interconnection in facilitating the completion of the internal energy market. The East West Interconnector will double electricity interconnection between the UK and Ireland and will provide a greater opportunity to trade electricity between the two markets.

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Is Multilateralism in Crisis? The WTO Public Forum

17 Sep 2012

In this brief article Patrick Holden discussed the debates taking place in advance of this years WTO Public Forum.

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Two New Papers on the Future of the Euro Crisis for Ireland and the EU

14 Sep 2012

The IIEA is very pleased to present two new papers in the Euro Crisis Working Paper Series by Alan Dukes and Pat McArdle. These papers present two unique perspectives on how to address the Euro Crisis.


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EU and US to embark on free trade talks

14 Sep 2012

EU and U.S. policymakers are currently considering options for strengthening the transatlantic trade and investment relationship in an effort to boost jobs and growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Justin Hall-Tipping - "Imagine a world where energy is free".

07 Sep 2012

"Imagine a world where energy is free. A world where power cables and energy grids would cease to exist and we wouldn't have to worry about running out of fresh water". - Justin Hall Tipping 



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Freeing Electricity from the Grid: Innovation at the Nano Scale

06 Sep 2012

Justin Hall-Tipping, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and CEO of NanoHoldings LLC, gave a keynote address at the Institute of International and European Affairs on Thursday 6 September on Freeing Electricity from the Grid: Innovation at the Nano Scale.

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