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The 1995 EU Reflection Group – A Lesson for Today?

31 Aug 2016

The discussion over the future of the EU post-Brexit contains startling parallels with the findings of a 1990s EU reflection group.

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EU 2030 Climate Proposal: Ball in Ireland’s Court Now

08 Aug 2016

This op ed first appeared in the Sunday Independent under "Climate change isn't just about the suckler herd"

Brexit has garnered many business headlines over the summer. The EU's efforts to combat climate change, by comparison, have slipped somewhat under the radar. Published in July, a new proposal will have profound implications for the Irish economy in the decades ahead.

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Brexit Brief Issue 10

03 Aug 2016


The UK vote to leave the European Union has precipitated rapid changes in UK domestic politics, and prompted a range of responses from Ireland, the other Member States and the EU Institutions. The August issue of the IIEA Brexit brief examines the state of play in the UK’s EU withdrawal.

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