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Maturing of the Carbon Tax Debate

29 Aug 2013

The debate on carbon taxes has long been active in Ireland, at EU level and elesewhere. Sue Scott traces its evolution and provides reference material to follow the arguments in detail.

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Reflections on Defending an Independent Scotland: a View from Ireland

13 Aug 2013

This paper, written by Colonel Dorcha Lee, explores how an SDF (Scottish Defence Forces) could be established, with particular reference to Irish experience.


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Global population projections and food demand

12 Aug 2013

Population growth is the single most important driver of future food demand.

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Furthering Sino-Irish Ties: the Visit of the Tánaiste to China

09 Aug 2013

From 30 July to 2 August 2013, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Eamon Gilmore T.D., visited the People’s Republic of China.

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A Single Resolution Mechanism for European Banks

02 Aug 2013

An analysis of the Commission’s proposal for a single resolution mechanism.

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‘Ireland’s Second Wind’? -The Green Energy Memorandum of Understanding

01 Aug 2013

This blog explores the background and implications of the Memorandum of Understanding on green energy, signed by the Irish and UK governments on 24 January 2013.

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