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Publication - Unemployment in the EU

31 Aug 2011

We are pleased to present a new policy report by Barra Roantree on 'Unemployment in the European Union.'

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Trichet, Rehn, Juncker face Committee

30 Aug 2011

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament held a special meeting yesterday with leading Eurozone figures to discuss the ongoing crisis that is plaguing the single currency bloc.  

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Standard Practice

30 Aug 2011

From mobile phone chargers to electric cars, the European Commission has proposed a series of measures to improve standardisation procedures for products, services and production processes in the EU. This post is part of a series on the EU's Single Market Act. 

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Single Market Act Update

30 Aug 2011

Work on the Single Market Act continues, with a number of developments in the areas of standardisation, venture capital, professional qualifications and social business. Read the IIEA's update and analysis.

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Eurobonds a Non-Starter for Now

24 Aug 2011

The establishment of a system of Eurobonds has been proposed by many commentators as a way of ending the European sovereign debt crisis. We review the arguments.

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The 'Merkozy' Letter

18 Aug 2011

Following their meeting on Tuesday, Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy have sent a letter detailing their proposals for yet more economic governance to President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy.

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The 'Merkozy' Summit - Bad Politics, Bad Economics

17 Aug 2011

University College Dublin's Prof. Karl Whelan argues that debt brakes don’t solve the Eurozone’s problems and are bad economics.

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The UK and the Eurozone Crisis

10 Aug 2011
The UK should seek whatever influence it can over debates that are likely to transform the European Union more radically than any of its recent treaties.

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Rehn Press Conference

05 Aug 2011
Commissioner Olli Rehn is holding a press conference in Brussels today against the backdrop of another scary day in the markets. Link roundup inside. 

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