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‘Krisis’ and the need for ‘Strong and Visionary European Leadership’

26 Jul 2011

Strong and visionary leadership is required from Athens to Brussels if Greece is to reform its politics and escape its debt trap.

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Closer to a Euro Fix?

25 Jul 2011

Pat McArdle analyses the results of last week's crucial Euro summit.

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Read the Deal

22 Jul 2011

Read the statement by EU leaders agreeing a further rescue programme for Greece and new powers to combat the broader European debt crisis.

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Time is up for Europe's leaders

20 Jul 2011

Another week, another vital summit of European leaders. Pat McArdle takes stock ahead of what could be one of the most pivotal meetings in the history of the EU.

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Combating the Crisis – The Role of the ECB

19 Jul 2011

A new IIEA infographic explains the structure, role, levers and criticisms of the European Central Bank.

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Trichet on the Crisis

18 Jul 2011

The ECB has posted a transcript of an interview given by its President, Jean-Claude Trichet, to the Financial Times Deutschland.

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Recognition of a Palestinian state?

15 Jul 2011

The question of Palestinian statehood is attracting growing attention ahead of the United Nations General Assembly in September, where the issue may be put to a vote. Dr. Nabil Shaath, a senior Palestinian Authority representative, visited Ireland this week to seek the government’s support for UN recognition.

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The Polish Presidency - Growth, Security and Openness

15 Jul 2011

As Poland assumes the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU for the first time, this briefing note discusses the key challenges facing the Presidency and outlines its priorities across the European agenda.

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Buzek in Dublin

14 Jul 2011

"Poland and Ireland share a similar history – of occupation, of immigration, of poverty, of striving for freedom and ... of transformation, of economic success and of shared European aspirations". So said European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek during a visit to Dublin on Tuesday.

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Public Sector Pay at a Glance

14 Jul 2011

The OECD have released the latest edition of their comprehensive 'Government at a Glance' report, which compares the structure and effectiveness of governance in the OECD across a range of areas, from public procurement to e-government and transparency. This post and the accompanying infographics look at government employment, compensation, and hours worked in European members of the OECD.

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Junking the Rating Agencies

13 Jul 2011
Recent downgrades of EU sovereigns are less a verdict on their economies than a condemnation of Europe's collective failure to get to grips with a crisis that still threatens to engulf its single currency.

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ESM Treaty Signed

12 Jul 2011

The Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was signed yesterday. What does it mean?

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