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U.S. Clean Power Plan signals historic shift in U.S. climate policy

26 Jun 2014

The Obama Administration’s recently-proposed “Clean Power Plan” aims to reduce U.S. carbon emissions from power plants.

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Four More Views on Europe’s Future

26 Jun 2014

A review of four recent publications on the aftermath of the euro crisis and the UK’s EU debate.

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European Council remembers 1914 and plans ahead for the rest of the decade and beyond

25 Jun 2014

The IIEA research team outlines the major issues on the agenda for the European Council summit on 26-27 June 2014.

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Irish economy is finally enjoying a sectorally broad-based recovery

16 Jun 2014

Ireland’s economic recovery is now more solid and broad-based than at any time since it suffered a depression-scale collapse in 2008-10. Challenges and risks remain, but the momentum behind the recovery gives cause for optimism. 

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Deepening Ties Despite Disparities in Size: The Visit of Liu Yunshan to Ireland

16 Jun 2014

Liu Yunshan, the fifth-ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC), the most powerful body within the Communist Party of China (CPC), is currently visiting Dublin.

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Europe needs a “Grand Bargain” on growth

13 Jun 2014

Spurring growth in Europe is vital but difficult. A much more ambitious effort is needed at EU level. The opportunity for a policy shift will come late in 2014 when a changing of the guard takes place in the EU’s insitutions.

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The place of agriculture at UN and EU climate negotiations: a case for Irish leadership?

09 Jun 2014

President Obama is finally moving on climate change. His proposal to regulate emissions from power generation will provide a real impetus on the road to a new global climate agreement in Paris in 2015.

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Nominating the Commission President: A Question of Democracy

06 Jun 2014

The political wrangling over the appointment of the next European Commission President has begun, but underlying the politics is a fundamental question of where democratic legitimacy in the EU should rest.

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Data protection reforms to be impacted by landmark European Court of Justice decisions

05 Jun 2014

Rulings by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the last two months in relation to two landmark cases could have a major bearing on the EU’s attempts to negotiate much-needed data protection reforms.


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