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Brexit: Ever Wider Expansion

30 May 2016

Theresa May Calls for Change

In her long-awaited intervention in the referendum debate, Home Secretary Theresa May argued in favour of a ‘Remain’ vote based on what she called the UK’s three big, future challenges – security, trade and the economy.


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Brexit: A Risky Business - Speeches available to download

19 May 2016

Speeches and presentations from the IIEA conference in the Aviva Stadium today, in association with McCann FitzGerald are available now to view or download, please use links below.

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Brexit Brief Issue 06

06 May 2016

 With just seven weeks remaining until the United Kingdom puts its membership of the EU to popular vote, the referendum campaign in the UK has become increasingly divisive. The sixth issue of the IIEA Brexit Brief examines the evolving debate; discusses the interventions of some key political figures; and highlights some recent publications of interest.

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