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New IIEA publication: ‘Europe Is Our Story’

30 Apr 2014

This new paper by the IIEA Working Group on Values and Narrative in the EU suggests that the time is ripe for a reorientation of the EU narrative and for a renewal of respect for the values that the EU has claimed.

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Many Improvements in Proposed New Climate Bill

23 Apr 2014

The revised Climate Action and Low-Carbon Development Bill 2014 is a much improved piece of legislation compared to the draft heads published in 2013.

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EU Economic Snapshot: March 2014

02 Apr 2014

This IIEA economic update details the latest economic trends across Europe in March 2014 and analyses the key items that were discussed at the ECOFIN and European Council meetings. 

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IPCC Report a Call to Action

01 Apr 2014

Assessment of the contribution of Working Group II of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), on climate impacts, adaptation and vulnerability.

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