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A Report from the Ninth Europe-Ukraine Forum, Lódz, Poland

30 Mar 2016

IIEA Senior Fellow, Marie Cross, attended the 9th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Lódz, Poland on 24-26 January, organised by the Polish Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, and chaired a discussion panel dealing with “Ukraine’s integration with the EU - a challenge for Europe, a homework for Ukraine”. The following is her report on the Forum.

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Brexit: Edinburgh University report on ‘The View from the Continent’

23 Mar 2016

Researchers at Edinburgh University have published the results of a survey of opinion on the UK and the EU in six member states – Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Ireland and Sweden. Their report – The View from the Continent: What people in other Member States think about the UK’s EU referendum – shows that a clear majority in all six states hope Britain votes to remain in the EU. This blog discusses the key findings of the Edinburgh University survey.

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The Curious Incident of the UK Competences Review

14 Mar 2016

Five years ago, the British Government launched a major review of the impact of EU policies and regulations on British legislation and practices. This was seen as a key element of the evolving UK debate on EU membership which will culminate in the ‘in/out’ referendum on 23 June 2016. Today, however, the initiative is notably absent from the UK’s Government discourse on Europe


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Brexit – The Evolving Debate in Northern Ireland

11 Mar 2016

The Brexit debate in Northern Ireland has begun to garner more attention, with visits by a growing list of high visibility campaigners and evidence of serious engagement from stakeholders on the implications of Brexit for the region.

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Brexit - New Policy Papers from UK Government

09 Mar 2016

The UK Cabinet Office has published Policy Papers dealing with aspects of the evolving referendum campaign and a fourth in the series is in preparation.

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Netherlands Referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

03 Mar 2016

This blog provides an overview of the origins and implications of Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

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Brexit Brief Issue 04

02 Mar 2016

 Brexit Brief, published by the IIEA’s UK Project Group, covers developments in the on-going debate in the United Kingdom – and between the UK and the other EU Member States – on the UK’s negotiations over its membership of the Union.

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Towards a Sustainable Agriculture: Workshop Report

01 Mar 2016

On Thursday, 29 October 2015, the IIEA, in association with the Netherlands Embassy in Ireland, hosted an expert workshop on sustainable agriculture. 

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