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European Energy Union: Living up to its name?

27 Mar 2015

On Thursday, 19 March 2015, the European Council of Heads and State and Government met to discuss the European Commission’s proposals for an ‘Energy Union’. The President of the Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, has identified the reform and reorganisation of Europe’s energy policy as one of his major priorities. He even created a new position, that of Vice President for Energy Union, to make this reform a reality. In this new role, Maros Sefcovic has maintained a high-profile approach,announcing that Energy Union “is undoubtedly the most ambitious European project since the foundation of the coal and steel community”.

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A Climate-Smart Island: Developing a Coherent Irish Response to the Climate and Food Security Challenges

24 Mar 2015

We are a food producing island. Last year our food and drink exports amounted to €10.5 billion, which is €200 million a week. The largest contributor to this was the dairy and ingredient sector at €3b. And this sector has ambitions to increase this figure significantly in the coming years.

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