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Measurement Matters: Water and the Millennium Development Goals

28 Mar 2013

In 2012 it was announced that the Millennium Development Goal relating to access to safe water had been met. However, some experts have disputed this claim, pointing to anomalies in the measurement methodology. This blog analyses the debate and draws lessons for the post-2015 MDG framework. 

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New Video: Plenty More Fish in the Sea? Discards in the EU

28 Mar 2013

VIDEO: This video infographic explores the issue of fish discards – a practice which sees 1.7 million tonnes of fish dumped back into the sea each year in the EU. Why is this happening? What is the impact? And what is being done to end the practice?



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A Climate Vision for 2050 - Galvanising Action or Substituting It?

27 Mar 2013

This new blog by Joseph Curtin explores possible approaches to setting a 2050 climate target for Ireland.

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Household Electricity Prices in the EU

27 Mar 2013

This infographic compares the final electricity price paid by EU domestic consumers across the EU.

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“Prepare for the Worst”? - The Sino-Japanese Dispute in the East China Sea

26 Mar 2013

A paper examining the increasing tensions between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands.

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World Water Day and Water Cooperation – Europe Leads by Example

22 Mar 2013

This new blog explores how Europe is Leading by Example on Water Cooperation

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Who Owns our Water in Europe? And Does it Matter?

21 Mar 2013

This new blog by Ryan Meade explores the issue of water ownership in the EU and the divisive debate about whether the European Commission is promoting a privatisation agenda.

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Economic Benefits of Stricter EU Vehicle Emissions Standards

20 Mar 2013

A new report shows the economic and employment benefits of stricter emissions standards for vehicles.

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Growth in global food demand to 2050

19 Mar 2013

This new blog by Alan Matthews challenges the often-quoted statistic that food production will have to increase between 70% and 100% on 2006 levels to feed the world in 2050.

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Shifting the Climate Finance Paradigm: Nine Key Challenges for Developed Countries

13 Mar 2013

A new paper by Joseph Curtin explores the current climate finance debate and examines how the climate finance paradigm is shifting from exchequer loans and grants to leveraging private investment. It identifies nine key challenges for developed countries as they enter the new paradigm. 

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The Environment Agenda at the European Parliament’s March Plenary Session

11 Mar 2013

The Environment Agenda at the European Parliament’s March Plenary Session

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EU Environment Commissioner Pushes for Stronger Greening of CAP

07 Mar 2013

Environment Commissioner expresses concerns about the direction of CAP negotiations.

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