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Britain’s ‘In/Out’ Campaign Begins

22 Feb 2016

With the UK’s EU renegotiation campaign complete, the In/Out referendum campaign is set to begin. In this blog, Tony Brown examines the initial reactions to David Cameron’s ‘new settlement’.

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Brexit: What is the State of Play?

17 Feb 2016

On Thursday, 18 February 2016, European Heads of State and Government meet in the European Council to discuss, amongst other matters, a proposed New Settlement for the UK in Europe. This blog sets out the current state of play in the negotiations.


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Brexit: The Emerging Security Argument

16 Feb 2016
As the debate continues on the four ‘baskets’ of the UK renegotiation, a fifth issue – that of Security –  is clearly emerging as a headline theme in the coming referendum campaign.

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Update on Germany’s Asylum Policy February 2016

15 Feb 2016
This blog provides an overview of changes made to Germany’s Asylum Policy in early 2016.

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Brexit: ‘Who Will Speak for England?’ The UK Media on Cameron’s Deal

10 Feb 2016


The UK media’s response to the proposed ‘new settlement’ for Britain in Europe has been mixed. In this blog, IIEA Senior Fellow Tony Brown, analyses the initial reaction.

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Can Ireland Lead on Climate-Smart Agriculture? Delphi Workshop Output

10 Feb 2016

The IIEA/RDS Leadership Forum on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) hosted an expert workshop in the RDS in December 2015, to explore how Ireland could become a leader in the international sphere of CSA. 

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Brexit – Legally Effective Alternatives

09 Feb 2016

Paul Gallagher examines the legal aspects of the draft Decision on the UK’s ‘new settlement’

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IIEA Brexit Brief Issue 03

05 Feb 2016


IIEA Brexit Brief 03

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‘To be or not to be together…’ - the draft EU-UK deal

03 Feb 2016

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, sets out a draft ‘new settlement’ for the UK in Europe.

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