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Brexit: Article 50 and the Supreme Court

30 Jan 2017

This blog discusses the recent judgement by the Supreme Court in London that the UK Government cannot begin the process of leaving the European Union without the consent of Parliament. It explains the court’s reasoning and notes some of the immediate implications.

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Brexit Brief Issue 15

27 Jan 2017


Issue 15 of the IIEA’s monthly Brexit brief examines recent developments in the Brexit debate in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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Theresa May’s Brexit framework: What does it mean for Ireland?

20 Jan 2017


On 17 January 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a long-awaited speech outlining the principles and objectives that would guide the UK's EU withdrawal. This blog sets out the key points of Ms. May’s speech and briefly analyses their implications for Ireland.

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Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn and the Immigration Issue

19 Jan 2017


On 10 January, Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, travelled to Peterborough – which voted 61%-39% for Leave – to spell out his party’s position on Brexit and, in particular, on the crucial issue of immigration.

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Brexit, the Good Friday Agreement and the European Convention on Human Rights

09 Jan 2017


The centrality of the ECHR to the Good Friday Agreement requires future interactions between Dublin and Westminster to consider the UK Government’s intention to change the UK’s legal relationship with the Convention.

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