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President Obama’s first year: Expectations and Results

27 Jan 2010

Jill Farrelly analyses President Obama's first year as U.S. President.

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Copenhagen and beyond: Where to now for the EU?

26 Jan 2010
"The EU was marginalized amid the realpolitik which dominated at Copenhagen. As a consequence the Copenhagen Accord neither conceptually nor substantively reflected the EU’s negotiating position."

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Google vs China: capitalist model, virtual wall

22 Jan 2010

The breach between a corporate behemoth of the new-media age and an emerging state superpower defines the struggle for the world’s information future, say Johnny Ryan & Stefan Halper.

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Posted in: Digital Future

The Spanish Presidency Priorities - the same game but different rules

07 Jan 2010

"Following a smoothly run yet challenged Swedish Presidency, the Spanish take on the mantle of the rotating EU Presidency for the first half of 2010. In doing so, they inherit many of the challenges faced by the Swedes."

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Posted in: E View Project

Copenhagen – a new framework for climate chaos?

05 Jan 2010
"The original intention of Conference of Parties (COP) 15 in Copenhagen was to complete negotiations on a new international agreement on climate change to come into force before 2012. What emerged was a slim three page Copenhagen Accord with a couple of blank appendices."

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