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Get Smart, Stupid! Digital technology, climate change, and the missing human element

27 Jun 2013

Get Smart, Stupid! Digital technology, climate change, and the missing human element. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. In this blog, Ryan Meade makes the case for smart cities, considers the relative benefits of industry- and community-led approaches, and argues that citizens can be the key innovators.

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China, Coal and Climate Change: Reasons for Optimism?

18 Jun 2013

This new blog by Ryan Meade explores the narrative about China in global discussions on climate change, arguing that we shouldn’t oversell the progress China is likely to make on decarbonisation, but neither can we use the challenge of a developing China as an excuse for inaction.

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Living within our Means: Water and Resource Efficiency in the EU

06 Jun 2013

Our societies have become accustomed to – and our economies grown dependent on – practices which do not make efficient use of water. This paper by Ryan Meade sets out the European policy context for water efficiency before going on to explore a number of areas where the key challenges and opportunities lie, asking whether resource efficiency is the right paradigm for delivering sustainable water use.

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Climate Technofix: The Search for a Silver Bullet

05 Jun 2013

This new blog by Ryan Meade explores the notion that the climate challenge will be solved by a technofix, obviating the need for expensive and disruptive policy measures. It concludes that such a fix lies outside of our current technological capabilities and imaginative capacities.

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Climate Adaptation and Water

02 May 2013

This new blog by Ryan Meade discusses water issues in the context of the European Commission’s new Climate Adaptation Strategy. It raises concerns about the ‘predict and provide’ model of policymaking, calling for a more iterative and flexible approach to climate adaptation.

Water and climate adaption

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Climate Change and the Arts

17 Apr 2013

Ryan Meade considers the role that artists can play in creating a new narrative around climate change. He explores how writers, poets, musicians, painters and filmmakers can help to answer the critical question: how can we make people care enough about the problem of climate change to demand the types of responses we know are necessary?

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Measurement Matters: Water and the Millennium Development Goals

28 Mar 2013

In 2012 it was announced that the Millennium Development Goal relating to access to safe water had been met. However, some experts have disputed this claim, pointing to anomalies in the measurement methodology. This blog analyses the debate and draws lessons for the post-2015 MDG framework. 

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Who Owns our Water in Europe? And Does it Matter?

21 Mar 2013

This new blog by Ryan Meade explores the issue of water ownership in the EU and the divisive debate about whether the European Commission is promoting a privatisation agenda.

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A Tale of Three Targets: The 2030 Climate and Energy Debate

01 Mar 2013

This blog questions whether climate targets are falling out of fashion, examining practices at national and EU level. It analyses the debate on EU targets for 2030 in particular, highlighting some of the challenges and concluding that it will be well into the term of the next Commission and Parliament before any targets are set.

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The Dog that didn’t Bark at Doha: International Cooperative Initiatives

30 Jan 2013

Analyses the outcome of the recent UN climate talks in Doha and asks whether the EU achieved its negotiating goals.

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