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More Crop Per Drop: The Water-Food Nexus

19 Sep 2013

With global demand for food growing, and the composition of demand changing towards more water-intensive products such as meat and fruits and vegetables, there is increasing concern that water rather than land could be the limiting factor in future food production. 

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Global population projections and food demand

12 Aug 2013

Population growth is the single most important driver of future food demand.

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What is Happening to Global Agricultural Productivity Growth?

24 Jun 2013

What is happening to global agricultural productivity growth? In this blog, Prof. Alan Matthew compares the methodologies and conclusions of two groups studying trends in global agricultural productivity growth. He draws conclusions for agriculture R&D and reflects on the implications for the world’s hungry. 

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Interactive Video Interview: CAP Reform, Greening and Development

30 May 2013

In this interactive set of video interviews, Prof. Alan Matthews, answers a series of questions on global food supply, the current reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and the ‘greening’ aspects of the reform. 

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Wasting Money on Young Farmers?

27 May 2013

As EU Agriculture Ministers gather in Dublin for an informal summit, Prof. Alan Matthews considers the difficulties facing young farmers in Europe today. He argues against the position of the Commission and the Parliament on a mandatory payment for young farmers’ and calls for action to tackle the reluctance of older farmers to exit the sector.

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What farmers should do to qualify for the new CAP green payment

16 Apr 2013

This blog by Alan Mathews explores the debate about “equivalent measures” as a substitute for the Commission’s three greening measures.

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Growth in global food demand to 2050

19 Mar 2013

This new blog by Alan Matthews challenges the often-quoted statistic that food production will have to increase between 70% and 100% on 2006 levels to feed the world in 2050.

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Implications of the European Council MFF agreement for the agricultural environment

25 Feb 2013

Alan Matthews concludes that, despite the rhetoric of a climate-friendly MFF, the share of spending on agri-environment measures has fallen and those who control farm spending are unwilling to embrace the philosophy of ‘public money for public goods.’ Is it time, therefore, to give a bigger role to DG Environment?

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Development and CAP Reform

29 Jan 2013

This blog looks at why development has taken a back seat in the CAP Reform debate and challenges the latest arguments for national food self sufficiency.

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Greening CAP Payments – A Missed Opportunity?

15 Jan 2013

Why the greening proposals are likely to fail by one of Europe’s leading experts on CAP, Professor Alan Matthews.

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