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Another Summit

30 Jan 2012

The first European Council meeting of 2012 gets underway this afternoon in Brussels, even as a general strike that began across Belgium yesterday evening serves to remind EU leaders of the social burden created by austerity measures

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A Conservative Agenda to Save the Eurozone?

27 Jan 2012

David Cameron offers some advice to the Eurozone.

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Dystopia in Davos

26 Jan 2012

From Roubini to Soros to Merkel, there is not much positivity about the Euro at Davos.

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Time Running Out For Greece

23 Jan 2012

Negotiations over Greece's debt burden are running out of time.

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Croatia votes to join EU

23 Jan 2012

A look at Croatia as it prepares to become the EU's 28th Member State.

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France off the S&P Triple A-List

15 Jan 2012

Crisis moves into a new stage as key euro area sovereigns are downgraded, weakening the euro rescue fund.

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Behemoth Banks and Regulatory Shadowlands

06 Jan 2012

The new head of the Financial Stability Board must deal with the twin threats of gargantuan banks and unregulated finance.

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Europe’s Emerging Financial Centres

06 Jan 2012

Are the traditional hubs of global finance in decline?

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Dr. Merkel Focused on the Ward, Not the Treatment

24 Nov 2011

Chancellor Merkel's proposals for treaty change do nothing to resolve the current euro area crisis.

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Euro Summit Outcome: Framework Agreed, Details to Follow

27 Oct 2011

Where does the Eurozone stand after yesterday's crunch summits?

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German Constitutional Court judgment may have far-reaching implications

26 Sep 2011

The recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court on the EFSF may prove to be one of its most important and could have a long-lasting impact on the future of the European Union.

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ESM Treaty Signed

12 Jul 2011

The Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) was signed yesterday. What does it mean?

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