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Ireland’s Development Policy Review in the Context of Global Trends and Controversies

02 Jul 2013

In this blog Patrick Holden, University of Plymouth, considers the issues around Ireland’s policy framework for international development, which was released in May 2013.

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Europe, the BRICS and Global Governance

23 Apr 2013

In this blog Patrick Holden, University of Plymouth, examines the political implications of the BRICS leaders’ summit, which took place in March 2013. 


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The EU Budget, Global Europe and Global Development

14 Nov 2012

This blog considers the EU’s ‘Global Europe’ development aid in the recent debates over the Multi-Annual Financial Framework, i.e. the EU’s budget.

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Is Multilateralism in Crisis? The WTO Public Forum

17 Sep 2012

In this brief article Patrick Holden discussed the debates taking place in advance of this years WTO Public Forum.

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Russia’s accession to the WTO: How significant?

29 Aug 2012

Patrick Holden comments on the implications of Russia’s recent accession to the World Trade Organisation.

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New Leadership at the World Bank: shaping a new era of global development?

11 Jul 2012

This blog examines the recent selection of Jim Yung Kim, a South Korean born US citizen, as President of the World Bank.

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The Los Cabos G-20 and the EU’s fall from grace

28 Jun 2012

This blog examines the geopolitical developments at recent Los Cabos G-20 leaders’ summit.

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Drums of War or Business as Usual? Trade tensions on the rise

14 Jun 2012

This blog examines the recent rise of trade tensions between the EU, China and the US

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The Camp David G-8 Summit: All Eyes on the Eurozone, Once Again

23 May 2012

The Eurozone crisis dominated the G-8 meeting in Camp David on 18-19 May 2012. International leaders used the forum as an opportunity to put pressure on the Europeans, but the real business has to be done in Europe.

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