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A new dynamic? The European Parliament's role in the implementation of Article 50

05 Apr 2017

Today, Wednesday, 5 April 2017, the European Parliament voted to approve a resolution on the UK’s EU withdrawal negotiations and the subsequent future relationship with the EU. This blog examines the key points of the resolution, including the European Parliament’s role in the implementation of the withdrawal process as defined under Article 50, and  the Irish concerns in the negotiations.

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The Parliament prepares for its increased powers under the Lisbon Treaty

17 Nov 2009
"For many months the EU Parliament had grown increasingly impatient with the non ratification of the Lisbon Treaty." Now the Parliament prepares for its increased powers.

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Implementing Lisbon

20 Oct 2009
The new parliament is three months on the job and there is still an air of confusion amongst the new intake.

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The Irish are back and the institutional caravan has moved on to Prague

20 Oct 2009
“The Irish are back and the institutional caravan has moved on to Prague”. This might be the sound bite summarising the plenary parliamentary session held last Wednesday to welcome the result of the Irish referendum.

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The New Parliamentary Majority

29 Sep 2009
Kevin explores the sustainable parliamentary majority that has not yet materialized. What are the driving forces that will shape this majority?

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Irish MEPs call for a YES vote in the Lisbon Referendum

18 Sep 2009
Most of the country’s MEPs turned out in a show of unity to join the rallying call for Lisbon. They appealed to the Irish abroad to campaign for a yes vote in next month’s referendum.

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Climate change: a high priority for parliament

18 Sep 2009
The holidays are over. The European Parliament building was bustling last week with members hurrying to the first working meeting of their committees. Climate change is high on the Parliaments list of priorities. Parliamentarians quizzed Swedish Environment Minister on the forthcoming world conference in Copenhagen.

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European Parliament is back to work

31 Aug 2009
The European Parliament is open for business but institutional matters continue to dominate the political scene with the issue of the Commission Presidency taking pride of place.

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