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"One Way to Save the Music Industry", technology feature in BusinessWeek

11 Aug 2010

Featured technology comment in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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Google vs China: capitalist model, virtual wall

22 Jan 2010

The breach between a corporate behemoth of the new-media age and an emerging state superpower defines the struggle for the world’s information future, say Johnny Ryan & Stefan Halper.

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RFC 2 (NLM) - draft overview of measures against illegal content (hate, child pornography, violent radicalisation, copyright infringement) in the EU 27 Member States

22 Dec 2009

This RFC is a very basic initial overview of the various measures used in each member state against illegal Internet content, including hate speech, child pornography, violent radicalisation, and copyright infringement. It is intended to be elaborated upon by readers.

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ICANN now independent of US Govt.

01 Oct 2009

Yesterday's announcement from ICANN ends a lingering point of controversy surrounding the governance of the Internet: the United States’ continued control of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). ICANN’s announcement of 30 September 2009 ends that controversy. This quick posting, based on the forthcoming book, gives the background to ICANN, the controversy, and the importance of the new announcement.

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One Big Idea about the Digital Future: the death of the centre and the future of business, politics and culture

22 Sep 2009
A grand narrative that encapsulates the sweep of digital change is now coming into view. The narrative is simple: The Death of the Centre and the Rise of the Networked Individual...

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The Next Leap - View from New Zealand

30 May 2009
Thoughts on the IIEA Next Leap Report from the Director New Zealand Digital Development Council

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