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Nominating the Commission President: A Question of Democracy

06 Jun 2014

The political wrangling over the appointment of the next European Commission President has begun, but underlying the politics is a fundamental question of where democratic legitimacy in the EU should rest.

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The EU’s ‘Big Bang’ – Ten Years On

19 May 2014

A decade after the EU’s ‘big bang’ enlargement, the ten new Member States have carved very different paths within the Union. 

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TTIP faces political hurdles on both sides of the Atlantic

03 Feb 2014

Negotiators on both sides of the Atlantic have encountered political opposition to trade policy that has the potential to derail TTIP. 

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Filling in the gaps in the UK’s EU debate

11 Dec 2013

The contours of a broader and deeper debate on EU membership are beginning to emerge in the UK and provided a common thread in IIEA events this autumn. 


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Ireland Raises its Voice in the UK’s EU Debate

06 Nov 2013

Irish voices are becoming louder in the UK’s debate on EU membership, delivering the message that the UK is not in fact an island cut off from the rest of Europe. 



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The UK’s TTIP Dilemma

18 Sep 2013

This blog examines how the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could impact on the UK’s EU membership debate and on the future of British foreign policy. 


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Reports Shine Light on Relations between Ireland, Britain and the EU

25 Jul 2013

Two sets of reports over the past week address the future of both British-Irish and British-EU relations. Taken together, the reports suggest that a stronger British-Irish partnership within the European Union remains the optimal scenario for both partners.


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The UK’s Referendum Debate: If, When, How?

11 Jul 2013

This paper assesses the EU referendum debate in the UK, focusing in particular on the dilemma it presents the Labour Party in the run-up to the 2015 general election.


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Will the UK still be in the EU in 2020? Interview with Lord John Kerr

02 Jul 2013

Lord Kerr discusses the future of the UK in the EU, the Scottish independence debate and the prospects for a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

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Croatia joins the EU

01 Jul 2013

Croatia became the twenty-eighth member of the EU on 1 July 2013. 

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Ten Years After Thessaloniki: Reflections on the past and prospects for the future

21 Jun 2013

Ten years after the historic EU-Western Balkans summit in Thessaloniki, this paper looks back at what has been achieved since then and at the future prospects of the enlargement project in the Western Balkans.

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Launch of Irish Presidency/IIEA Western Balkans Conference Page

04 Jun 2013

Videos, speech transcripts and podcasts of the Irish Presidency/IIEA Western Balkans conference on 24 May 2013 are now available on the IIEA website.

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