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Brexit: What does it mean for Ireland?

24 Jun 2016

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. While it is not yet accurate to say that the UK’s troubled four-decade relationship with the EU is at an end – there is still the matter of the UK’s withdrawal negotiation to be addressed – it is clear that the relationship between the EU and its ‘awkward partner’ has entered a new and uncertain phase, one that will create great difficulties for Ireland.

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Video - what a Brexit could mean for Ireland?

16 Jun 2016

Are you wondering what a Brexit could mean for Ireland? This short video illustrates the various impacts that a Brexit could have on Ireland, including the effects on trade and the freedom of Irish people to work and travel in the UK.


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Infographic - Forecast for the morning after Brexit

16 Jun 2016
This infographic, inspired by Brendan Halligan’s speech at the recent IIEA Brexit conference, illustrates five possible scenarios for the negotiating environment between the UK and the EU in the event of a Brexit, which challenge Mr. Grayling’s comments.

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Brexit: A Risky Business - Speeches available to download

19 May 2016

Speeches and presentations from the IIEA conference in the Aviva Stadium today, in association with McCann FitzGerald are available now to view or download, please use links below.

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IIEA Brexit Brief Issue 03

05 Feb 2016


IIEA Brexit Brief 03

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IIEA Corporate Tax Conference in the News

05 Dec 2014

The IIEA/KPMG conference on Taxation, which took place this week in the Mansion House on 3 December presented a whole range of perspectives on these topics, which have become the centre of attention since the OECD initiated the BEPS programme, in July 2013, which aims to shift the global goalposts for taxation and to provide governments with instruments to prevent corporates and multinational companies from misusing the rules by engaging in BEPS practices. 

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Pat Cox: The Ukrainian Crisis and Geopolitics

29 Oct 2014

New Publication: The Ukrainian Crisis and Geopolitics - An echo from the past or the shape of things to come? Speech by Pat Cox, at the IIEA

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New Publication: Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

24 Oct 2014

New IIEA publication. Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

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Scotland and the Union: A Perspective from the British Treasury

08 Sep 2014

In June 2014, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary of the British Treasury, gave a keynote address on the Scottish independence debate and the economics of separation. 

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Independent Scotland: A Perspective from the Scottish National Party

08 Sep 2014

In January 2014, the SNP Leader in Westminster and Campaign Director for the referendum on Scottish independence, addressed the IIEA on the future of an independent Scotland.


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European Council remembers 1914 and plans ahead for the rest of the decade and beyond

25 Jun 2014

The IIEA research team outlines the major issues on the agenda for the European Council summit on 26-27 June 2014.

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EU's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic

07 Mar 2014

The IIEA's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic provides a visual insight into the scale of the jobs crisis facing Europe. The infographic pieces together the IIEA's five-part infographic series on unemployment in the European Union.

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