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EU Climate and Energy Targets for 2030

21 Jan 2014

As the European Commission prepares to release its proposal for the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets, IIEA Energy Fellow, Helen Donoghue considers the importance of targets in this field.

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The Evolution of EU Energy Policy

17 Apr 2013

From the start, EU energy policy has been about joining forces to achieve particular purposes. The particular purposes have evolved over time.

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Agreement on New Energy Infrastructure Regulation

31 Jan 2013

A deal has been reached on the new EU Energy Infrastructure Regulation. What are its implications for infrastucture investment in Europe?

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Making the Internal Energy Market Work

07 Dec 2012

Is the internal energy market giving governments, businesses and consumers the best deal?

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The Digital/Energy interface – a Focus of the Irish Presidency

29 Nov 2012

The EU’s digital and energy agendas converge under the Irish EU Presidency.

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