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A New Wave of European Climate and Energy Policy: Towards a 2030 Framework

11 Jun 2013

This policy brief provides an understanding of the current debates on a 2030 climate and energy framework and illuminates the key challenges in designing a new wave of European climate policy.

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EU Environment and Energy Ministerial Meetings in Dublin

19 Apr 2013

This blog looks ahead to the Environment and Energy informal ministerial meetings taking place in Dublin from 22 to 24 April.

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The Environment Agenda at the European Parliament’s April Plenary – ETS, Fish Discards and the Mackerel Dispute

12 Apr 2013

The European Parliament will meet in plenary session in Strasbourg next week from 15-18 April 2013. This blog tees up two key environmental agenda items for the week –the Emissions Trading Scheme and sustainable fisheries.

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Draft AGRI Report Highly Critical of EU Biofuel Proposals

09 Apr 2013

This blog looks at the new draft opinion from the European Parliament’s AGRI Committee on Commission proposals to tackle the indirect land use change impacts of EU biofuels policy.

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World Water Day and Water Cooperation – Europe Leads by Example

22 Mar 2013

This new blog explores how Europe is Leading by Example on Water Cooperation

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Economic Benefits of Stricter EU Vehicle Emissions Standards

20 Mar 2013

A new report shows the economic and employment benefits of stricter emissions standards for vehicles.

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EU Environment Commissioner Pushes for Stronger Greening of CAP

07 Mar 2013

Environment Commissioner expresses concerns about the direction of CAP negotiations.

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EU Energy Ministers Gather for Energy Council

21 Feb 2013

A look ahead to next Friday’s energy Ministerial in Brussels.

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EU Energy Efficiency and Climate Policies – To What Extent Are They in Conflict?

14 Feb 2013

Are energy efficiency policies undermining the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?

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The Environment Agenda at the European Parliament’s January Committee Week

21 Jan 2013

A look at the European Parliament’s environment, food and energy agendas during January’s Committee week.

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