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Netherlands Referendum on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

03 Mar 2016

This blog provides an overview of the origins and implications of Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

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Update on Germany’s Asylum Policy February 2016

15 Feb 2016
This blog provides an overview of changes made to Germany’s Asylum Policy in early 2016.

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Denmark’s EU Referendum

02 Dec 2015

This blog explains the background to the Danish referendum on 3 December 2015 and outlines the positions of both the “Yes” and “No” sides before reflecting on the implications of the referendum for Denmark’s cooperation with the European Union, and in particular, Europol.

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EU-Africa Valletta Summit on Migration

17 Nov 2015

The Valletta summit resulted in an Action Plan to address the challenges and opportunities that the migration crisis has presented for EU-Africa cooperation.


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Poland’s October 2015 elections: possible implications for Poland’s engagement with the EU

20 Oct 2015

This blog outlines how the October 2015 parliamentary elections may be a turning point for Polish domestic politics and, in particular, for Polish relations with the European Union.


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European Migration Crisis: Germany’s Response

01 Oct 2015
This paper examines Germany’s response to the unprecedented European 
Migration Crisis to date.
Download the paper here by right-clicking and choosing 'Save Link As'.

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