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Innovation Union Scoreboard

10 Jun 2011

The European Commission has embarked on a flagship initiative, the Innovation Union, aimed at ensuring that EU member states and institutions have in place long-term policies that will foster innovation. The IUS tracks a broad range of innovation indicators including educational standards, R&D expenditure, patent production and business innovation. The goal of the scoreboard is to provide a comparative assessment of the overall performance of each of the EU27 Member States.

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Search Neutrality: An Emerging Regulatory Issue

30 Mar 2011

Search Engines are becoming increasingly important in all aspects of life. How should they be supervised? Who will regulate them? This blog post explores the debate on search engine neutrality.

The concept of Search Neutrality is based on the principle that search engines should have no editorial policies except for their preference for impartiality, comprehensiveness and relevance.

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Behavioural Advertising Policy: The Regulatory Future of Online Advertising

30 Mar 2011

Behavioural Advertising is the collection of user data for advertising purposes. Behavioural targeting uses information collected on an individual's web-browsing behaviour, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to target them for future advertisements. This can be combined with other factors such as demography, page content and geography in order to maximise effect.
The European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection has published a report, authored by Philippe Juvin, MEP, who has suggested a range of measures to deal with this issue. The key regulatory issue is the balance between granting the user free access to online content and the use of personal data gleaned by profiling.

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The Digital Agenda - EU2020

28 May 2010
This Briefing note explores the substance of the Commission's Digital Agenda, outlining some of the issues surrounding and implications of the report.

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