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Ireland in a Europe without Britain

09 Dec 2016

IIEA Chairman, Brendan Halligan, argues that the main responsibility in the post-referendum era is to fashion a new agenda for Ireland and a strategy for ‘life without Britain’.

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A Small State in a Large Union: The Irish Experience

08 Sep 2014

Download a paper delivered to The Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh on 01 September 2014. 



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Green Energy

21 Jul 2014

If the recent Irish Government Green Paper on energy is to be taken in the traditional sense, then its main purpose is to set a sense of direction for the subsequent White Paper, which will define future energy policy for the medium term. >READ MORE

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The Future of European Integration

31 Jul 2013

Speech by Brendan Halligan, the Chairman of the IIEA, on the future of European integration.

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"Ever Closer Union" - Ireland and the EU

17 Aug 2012

On 13 August 2012, Brendan Halligan, Chairman, IIEA gave an address at the Parnell summer school entitled "Ever Closer Union" on the issue of sovereignty and interdependence in the EU and suggested that Ireland's membership of the EU should be included on the agenda of the  Constitutional Convention as an enduring policy choice. You can download the paper here. 

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The EU in Twenty Years Time

14 May 2012

The EU in Twenty Years Time

"Speech for Joint Oireachtas Committe on EU Affairs"

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The Stability Treaty: Brendan Halligan speaks at Oireachtas

18 Apr 2012

On 5 April 2012, Brendan Halligan made a presentation to the Sub- Committee on the Referendum and the Stability Treaty in Leinster House on the Implications of the Treaty for Ireland and Europe. View the paper here.

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Terry Stewart: A Tribute

10 Dec 2011

Terry Stewart (1934 - 2011): A Tribute

Delivered at the SDLP Annual Conference, Belfast, 5 November 2011

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Altiero Spinelli: A Tribute

10 May 2010
A tribute to Altiero Spinelli on the 60th anniversary of the Schumann Declaration at a ceremony in the European Parliament office, Dublin, on the 10th May 2010

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