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‘Sufficient progress’ remains elusive in Brexit negotiations

18 Oct 2017

The European Council summit takes place from 19-20 October this week. The UK had hoped that ‘sufficient progress’ would be made in its EU withdrawal negotiations by the time of the October Council, and as such this would seem an appropriate juncture to take stock of the state of play in the negotiations.

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New Publication – A Guide to Brexit

24 May 2017

The IIEA’s Guide to Brexit aims to provide an accessible overview of what is known to date about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. 

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Theresa May announces UK General Election

18 Apr 2017

On 18 April 2017, Theresa May announced her intention to hold a snap UK general election on 8 June 2017.  This flash analysis takes an initial look at the rationale behind Theresa May’s decision to hold a general election, as well as its possible impact on the UK and the negotiations with the EU.

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A Guide to Brexit

07 Apr 2017
Brexit Brief
This IIEA brief aims to provide an accessible overview of what is known to date about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Brexit: The State of Play

31 Mar 2017

On Wednesday, 29 March 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May notified the European Council of the UK’s intention to withdraw from the EU under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The European Council’s draft guidelines for the negotiations, taking into account the UK’s positions, became available to the press within 48 hours. This blog takes a preliminary look at the positions of the EU and UK and their possible impact on the Irish interest. 

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Brexit Brief Issue 16

06 Mar 2017

Brexit brief

Issue 16 of the IIEA’s monthly Brexit Brief examines the current state of play in the debate over the UK’s EU withdrawal.

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Brexit: Interactive timeline

23 Feb 2017

This interactive timeline provides information on the key events in the UK, Ireland and EU, from the date of the UK’s referendum in June 2016, to its expected departure date in March 2019.

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Theresa May’s Brexit framework: What does it mean for Ireland?

20 Jan 2017


On 17 January 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a long-awaited speech outlining the principles and objectives that would guide the UK's EU withdrawal. This blog sets out the key points of Ms. May’s speech and briefly analyses their implications for Ireland.

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Brexit and the energy sector

23 Nov 2016


This IIEA policy briefing outlines the main areas in which the Irish energy sector could be affected by the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

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Brexit: A Special Status for Northern Ireland?

28 Oct 2016


Theresa May’s address to the Conservative Party Conference on 2 October 2016 has led many observers to believe that the UK is veering towards a ‘hard’ Brexit. This brief examines what this might mean for the Northern Irish border, and discusses some possible solutions.

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Brexit: What is the State of Play?

17 Feb 2016

On Thursday, 18 February 2016, European Heads of State and Government meet in the European Council to discuss, amongst other matters, a proposed New Settlement for the UK in Europe. This blog sets out the current state of play in the negotiations.


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Brexit: The State of Play

25 Jan 2016


Extract from the upcoming postscript to the IIEA book Britain and Europe: The Endgame

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