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Pipe Dreams? Water Rights, Pricing and Privatisation

20 Jun 2013

Is water a human right? And what does that mean for water efficiency, pricing and ownership in Europe? This animated video explores some of the issues arising from the petition signed by over one million Europeans on the right to water.

Read more about water privatisation in Europe in the IIEA blog Who Owns Our Water in Europe? And Does it Matter?

Read more about water efficiency in the IIEA publication Living Within Our Means: Water and Resource Efficiency in the EU.

View more videos and infographics on water and water policy in Europe under the ‘Water’ section of The Environment Nexus website.

2013 is the European Year of Citizens. More information on the European Citizens' Initiative on the human right to water and sanitation can be found on www.right2water.eu


This content forms part of the Environment Nexus project, which is co-financed bDG Communication of the European Parliament.

As an independent forum, the Institute does not express any opinions of its own. The views expressed in the article are the sole responsibility of the author.

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Aidan says: 07 Mar 2014 8:54

Nice clip, wished it talked more about the fact we need water to live and it's not like we can choose to drink some thing else, so it wont matter how bad the water will get, Because of privatisation we will have to drink it. also on other point how can we make money of someones right to live, and should we stop giving out water if they can't pay?

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