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Is Donald Trump steeling for a fight in the WTO?

27 Jun 2017

President Trump’s moves to restrict imports of steel could a start a bitter dispute at the WTO, and potentially a protracted trade war. 

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Brexit: Employers Speak

23 Jun 2017

As the formal negotiations began in Brussels on 19 June 2017, the organisations representing businesses in the UK and Ireland produced significant statements on their concerns and demands. This blog rounds up the key positions emerging from those statements.

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Brexit Brief 21

13 Jun 2017

Issue 21 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief notes the results of the UK’s snap general election, which resulted in a hung parliament, as well as the response from the European Union ahead of the opening of negotiations. The Brief also notes a number of recent developments in Ireland and the other Member States.


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Brexit: The First Barnier Policy Papers

01 Jun 2017

The European Commission’s Brexit Task Force has published two position papers setting out initial negotiating positions and providing clarity on the approach to be followed by Michel Barnier and his team as talks get underway.  This blog summarises the key points from these two documents.

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Who does what in the European Semester?

31 May 2017

The Country Specific Recommendations are a crucial part of the European Semester process of economic policy coordination and surveillance. This IIEA infographic provides a guide to the main elements of EU economic governance.

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Brexit Brief 20

31 May 2017

Issue 20 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief provides an update on a number of key issues in the UK withdrawal from the European Union. This issue notes the authorisation by the General Affairs Council of the EU on the opening of negotiations between the UK and EU, and the European Commission’s two draft position papers on Article 50.

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New Publication – A Guide to Brexit

24 May 2017

The IIEA’s Guide to Brexit aims to provide an accessible overview of what is known to date about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. 

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Europe at a French crossroads?

24 May 2017

In this guest blog, Tony Kinsella, former Irish Times columnist examines Emmanuel Macron’s ascent to the French Presidency, and discusses the prospects of his party in the upcoming legislative elections.

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Germany Brief – Issue 2 May 2017

24 May 2017

This edition of the Germany Brief examines the outcomes of the regional elections in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, recent party conferences and the ongoing tensions with Turkey.

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Brexit and the UK Manifestos

23 May 2017

This blog rounds up the key positions of the main UK parties on Brexit, ahead of the General Election on 8 June 2017.

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Chaos of fake news a reminder of the risks of technological progress

17 May 2017

fake news image

 As society grapples with the ever-increasing reach of digital technologies, the chaotic state of the news industry may come to be seen as the canary in the digital coalmine. 

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