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Brexit: Ever Wider Expansion

30 May 2016

Theresa May Calls for Change

In her long-awaited intervention in the referendum debate, Home Secretary Theresa May argued in favour of a ‘Remain’ vote based on what she called the UK’s three big, future challenges – security, trade and the economy.


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Brexit: A Risky Business - Speeches available to download

19 May 2016

Speeches and presentations from the IIEA conference in the Aviva Stadium today, in association with McCann FitzGerald are available now to view or download, please use links below.

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Brexit Brief Issue 06

06 May 2016


 With just seven weeks remaining until the United Kingdom puts its membership of the EU to popular vote, the referendum campaign in the UK has become increasingly divisive. The sixth issue of the IIEA Brexit Brief examines the evolving debate; discusses the interventions of some key political figures; and highlights some recent publications of interest.

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The historic signing of Paris Agreement and the need for greater climate ambition

22 Apr 2016

Leaders of over 160 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change in New York today. This is a record for an international treaty and shows that the political momentum behind tackling climate change has not waned since Paris. 

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Brexit and Workers’ Rights

20 Apr 2016


Though the issue of workers’ rights did not directly feature in David Cameron’s EU reform agenda, the debate over the implications of Brexit for workers has recently been reignited by comments from the Trades Union Congress (TUC). This blog examines the evolution of the issue in the context of the Brexit debate, and asks whether the issue has truly disappeared from the UK’s agenda.

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BREXIT: Lead Groups Designated

15 Apr 2016


The UK Electoral Commission has designated the two lead campaign groups for the EU Referendum.

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Brexit: Roundup of recent reports

15 Apr 2016

As the referendum campaign in the UK intensifies, three significant reports on the economic consequences and implication of exit from the European Union have appeared. This blog discusses the key findings of these reports. 

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The Real Damage – A summary of reactions

06 Apr 2016

Reaction to David Cameron’s EU reform deal has been varied, but a consensus is growing that Brexit will introduce major uncertainty in the fields of trade and investment, in particular if it proves difficult to conclude a new relationship between the UK and EU. In this blog, Tony Brown summarises reactions to David Cameron’s EU reform deal.

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Brexit Brief Issue 05

01 Apr 2016

With three months to go to polling day on 23 June, the referendum campaign in the UK is gaining momentum day-by-day. The fifth issue of the IIEA Brexit Brief examines the evolving debate; discusses the deepening political divisions in the UK and the mixed fortunes of the campaign groups; and highlights some recent publications of interest.

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A Report from the Ninth Europe-Ukraine Forum, Lódz, Poland

30 Mar 2016

IIEA Senior Fellow, Marie Cross, attended the 9th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Lódz, Poland on 24-26 January, organised by the Polish Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, and chaired a discussion panel dealing with “Ukraine’s integration with the EU - a challenge for Europe, a homework for Ukraine”. The following is her report on the Forum.

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Brexit: Edinburgh University report on ‘The View from the Continent’

23 Mar 2016

Researchers at Edinburgh University have published the results of a survey of opinion on the UK and the EU in six member states – Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Ireland and Sweden. Their report – The View from the Continent: What people in other Member States think about the UK’s EU referendum – shows that a clear majority in all six states hope Britain votes to remain in the EU. This blog discusses the key findings of the Edinburgh University survey.

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The Curious Incident of the UK Competences Review

14 Mar 2016

Five years ago, the British Government launched a major review of the impact of EU policies and regulations on British legislation and practices. This was seen as a key element of the evolving UK debate on EU membership which will culminate in the ‘in/out’ referendum on 23 June 2016. Today, however, the initiative is notably absent from the UK’s Government discourse on Europe


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