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Brexit Brief 24

27 Jul 2017

Two rounds of talks have now been held since the UK began its EU withdrawal negotiations in June. Already there are some substantial divergences between the EU and UK position, but the two sides have also found some common ground in these early stages. Issue 24 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief examines these developments, and notes relevant developments in Ireland, the UK and the other Member States.

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Germany Brief Issue 3 – July 2017

25 Jul 2017

The July edition of the Germany Brief examines Chancellor Merkel’s statements on European defence, the manifestos of CDU/CSU and SPD, and the vote on same-sex marriage in the Bundestag.

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Estonian Presidency Brief

21 Jul 2017

This brief outlines the priorities and policy objectives of the Estonian Presidency, which commenced at the beginning of this month.

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Conflict over the Code of Conduct

18 Jul 2017

NGOs react to the European Commission’s action plan on 4 July 2017 to create a Code of Conduct for NGOs carrying out search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. 

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Brexit Brief 23

12 Jul 2017

The IIEA’s fortnightly Brexit Brief notes recent developments in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Issue 23 examines the UK’s counter-offer on citizens’ rights after Brexit, as well as the latest position papers issued by the EU negotiating team. The Brief also notes a number of recent political developments in Ireland, the UK and the other Member States.

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Take Charge! – Together Towards a Low Carbon Future

07 Jul 2017

An upcoming conference, hosted by the IIEA and ESB will explore the new and active role of the consumer in building a low carbon energy future.

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Coping with the Influx of Economic Migrants

07 Jul 2017

The European Commission released its latest action plan on 4 July 2017 to support Italy and reduce migratory pressure along the Central Mediterranean Route. 

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The harder the Brexit the worse the climate impact?

06 Jul 2017


UK Prime Minister Theresa May will apparently raise the issue of climate change with President Donald Trump this weekend when they meet at the G20 summit in Hamburg. She might well bear in mind the damaging impact Brexit will have for climate protection.



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Brexit Brief 22

29 Jun 2017

Issue 22 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief notes the opening of negotiations over the UK’s withdrawal on 19 June 2017, and discusses some of the early outcomes of the talks. The Brief also notes a number of recent political developments in Ireland, the UK and the other Member States.

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Is Donald Trump steeling for a fight in the WTO?

27 Jun 2017

President Trump’s moves to restrict imports of steel could a start a bitter dispute at the WTO, and potentially a protracted trade war. 

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Brexit: Employers Speak

23 Jun 2017

As the formal negotiations began in Brussels on 19 June 2017, the organisations representing businesses in the UK and Ireland produced significant statements on their concerns and demands. This blog rounds up the key positions emerging from those statements.

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