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Brexit Brief 28

19 Oct 2017

The fifth round of negotiations in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union took place between 9-12 October 2017. While some gradual progress continues on the issues of citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland, but the issue of the UK’s financial settlement remains deadlocked. Issue 28 of the IIEA Brexit Brief examines these developments and draws together the developments in the UK, EU and Ireland.

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‘Sufficient progress’ remains elusive in Brexit negotiations

18 Oct 2017

The European Council summit takes place from 19-20 October this week. The UK had hoped that ‘sufficient progress’ would be made in its EU withdrawal negotiations by the time of the October Council, and as such this would seem an appropriate juncture to take stock of the state of play in the negotiations.

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Brexit: Forty-Five Years On

18 Oct 2017

Comments from UK Prime Minister Edward Heath and Taoiseach Jack Lynch at a 1972 summit of European Heads of State or Government have a particular resonance today, writes IIEA Senior Fellow, Tony Brown.

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Brexit Brief 27

04 Oct 2017

The fourth round of negotiations in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union took place between 25-28 September 2017. Both sides reported some progress in the talks, but it will require a significant breakthrough in the October negotiating round if ‘sufficient progress’ is to be made in time for the European Council meeting of 19-20 October. 

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IIEA Presentation to Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change

03 Oct 2017

IIEA Senior Fellow, Joseph Curtin, presented to the Citizen’s Assembly on Saturday, 30 October 2017 on the topic of How Ireland Can Become a Leader on Climate Change.

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Brexit Brief 26

22 Sep 2017

September has seen significant developments in the withdrawal negotiations. Most notably is the delay of the fourth round of negotiations, due to have started on Monday 18 September, to Monday 25 September in order that Prime Minister Theresa May could deliver her speech on the UK’s stance on Brexit on Friday 22 September. At this moment, there remains significant distance between the two negotiating parties as little common ground can be found. Issue 26 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief examines the latest developments in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Germany Brief – Issue 4 September 2017 – Election Special

18 Sep 2017

This issue of the Germany Brief focuses on the manifestos of all six parties likely to enter the 19th Bundestag.


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Juncker’s State of the European Union Address: Moving Towards a More United Europe

13 Sep 2017

On 13 September 2017, EU Commission President Juncker outlined his policy programme for 2018 and his vision for the future of Europe. Cian McCarthy analyses the speech in this IIEA blog. 

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Brexit Brief 25

05 Sep 2017

August was an exceptionally busy period in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, with multiple position papers published by the UK side, and a third round of negotiations held in Brussels from 28 August to 1 September. In spite of some positive progress on the Irish issues, however, there remains a significant distance between the EU and UK negotiating positions. Issue 25 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief examines the latest developments in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Brexit Brief 24

27 Jul 2017

Two rounds of talks have now been held since the UK began its EU withdrawal negotiations in June. Already there are some substantial divergences between the EU and UK position, but the two sides have also found some common ground in these early stages. Issue 24 of the IIEA’s regular Brexit Brief examines these developments, and notes relevant developments in Ireland, the UK and the other Member States.

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Germany Brief Issue 3 – July 2017

25 Jul 2017

The July edition of the Germany Brief examines Chancellor Merkel’s statements on European defence, the manifestos of CDU/CSU and SPD, and the vote on same-sex marriage in the Bundestag.

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Estonian Presidency Brief

21 Jul 2017

This brief outlines the priorities and policy objectives of the Estonian Presidency, which commenced at the beginning of this month.

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