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Fibre to the Building (FTTB) - Power to the People

20 Nov 2014

The third and final animation in the IIEA’s/ESB ‘Power to the People’ series focuses on the arrival of end-to-end fibre optic broadband in Ireland. In July 2014, ESB and Vodafone announced a joint venture which would utilise the existing electricity infrastructure to deliver 100 per cent fibre broadband to up to 500,000 homes and businesses throughout Ireland. The delivery of fibre optic cables directly to the building (FTTB) means that many Irish users, particularly outside of Dublin, who had previously lacked high-speed connections will now have access to speeds from 200-1000 Mbps.


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The EU’s role in international climate policy: is it pushing hard enough?

18 Nov 2014

The next 12 months will be crucial for climate protection. The international community is gearing up for a major climate conference in Lima next month, with a view to agreeing a global deal by December 2015 in Paris. EU leadership is vital for a positive outcome. 

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Web Summit Report: Disruption, New Partnerships and Europe’s Technology Market

06 Nov 2014

Disruption of traditional industry models, new partnerships and the outlook for the technology sector as a whole were key topics of discussion at the Web Summit yesterday.

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IIEA Energy Policy Brief: October 2014

31 Oct 2014

As the new President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, comes into office on 1 November 2014, energy policy has been identified as a priority area.

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Pat Cox: The Ukrainian Crisis and Geopolitics

29 Oct 2014

New Publication: The Ukrainian Crisis and Geopolitics - An echo from the past or the shape of things to come? Speech by Pat Cox, at the IIEA

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New Publication: Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

24 Oct 2014

New IIEA publication. Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

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Why the EU must lead on Climate at the October Summit

23 Oct 2014

It is 800,000 years since heat-trapping emissions have been at the levels in the atmosphere they are at today. If dangerous global warming of 2 degrees or worse is to be avoided – and some fear it is already too late – urgent international action is required to reduce emissions. 


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Understanding the Smart Grid

21 Oct 2014

Smart grids are the topic of the second animation in the Institute’s ESB “Power to the People” series for 2014. This video explores what makes a grid smart and which benefits it brings to the consumer. While the smart grid constitutes a central part of national and EU-level energy policy, it remains an unclear concept for many. 

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Regional Electricity Markets – Seven Steps to a Single European Electricity Market

09 Oct 2014

Completing the internal energy market by 2014 remains a sizeable challenge. EU Member states still need to increase interconnections and further harmonise their market rules. This video explains the role regional electricity markets are playing in meeting this challenge and the benefits they are expected to bring.


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The Climate Summit & the Road to Paris

03 Oct 2014

On September 23rd over 100 world leaders attended the Climate Summit in New York at the invitation of Ban Ki-moon. More than 800 leaders from business, finance and civil society, including Tom Arnold, Director-General of the IIEA, and myself, joined them.  

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