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Brexit, the Good Friday Agreement and the European Convention on Human Rights

09 Jan 2017


The centrality of the ECHR to the Good Friday Agreement requires future interactions between Dublin and Westminster to consider the UK Government’s intention to change the UK’s legal relationship with the Convention.

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Brexit Brief Issue 14

15 Dec 2016

Issue 14 of the IIEA's monthly Brexit Brief examines recent developments in the Brexit debate in the UK, Ireland and Europe. 

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Bratislava to Rome

14 Dec 2016

The leaders of the European Union 27 (EU27) - minus the UK - met in Bratislava on 16 September. The summit addressed the root causes of the political problems of the European Union, recognising the insecurity felt by many Europeans and their fears about migration, terrorism and the economic and social future. Donald Tusk declared after the talks that there was agreement that the European Union “is the best instrument we have” to tackle certain problems, despite its imperfections. 

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Ireland in a Europe without Britain

09 Dec 2016

IIEA Chairman, Brendan Halligan, argues that the main responsibility in the post-referendum era is to fashion a new agenda for Ireland and a strategy for ‘life without Britain’.

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Brexit - Nobel Thoughts

07 Dec 2016

Nationalism is increasingly on the rise, not only in Europe but also across the Atlantic, where Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ rhetoric produced electoral victory. Tony Brown argues that it is important to reflect on the recrudescence of ideas that many thought were relegated to histories of World War II.

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Skibbereen and Ludgate Hub show the Digital Single Market vision in action

28 Nov 2016


A disused Skibbereen bakery turned digital hub provided the centrepiece for National Digital Week 2016, and aims to demonstrate how digital can transform the local economy. 

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Brexit and the energy sector

23 Nov 2016


This IIEA policy briefing outlines the main areas in which the Irish energy sector could be affected by the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

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Two Hungarians

17 Nov 2016

‘Hungary to build “more massive” anti-migrant fence, says PM Orbán’. This headline in the Irish Independent demonstrated the remarkable contrast between two Hungarians – Miklós Németh and Viktor Orbán – and between their relationship with fences.

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Brexit, Trump… Le Pen?

17 Nov 2016


  As the debate on the implications of Brexit continues, the dramatic victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections has added a new element to an already complicated and challenging situation. As world leaders extended cautious congratulations to the President-elect Donald Trump, the comments of one European party leader struck a rather different note.

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Brexit Brief Issue 13

10 Nov 2016



Issue 13 of the IIEA’s monthly Brexit brief examines recent developments in the Brexit debate in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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Brexit: A Special Status for Northern Ireland?

28 Oct 2016


Theresa May’s address to the Conservative Party Conference on 2 October 2016 has led many observers to believe that the UK is veering towards a ‘hard’ Brexit. This brief examines what this might mean for the Northern Irish border, and discusses some possible solutions.

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Brexit: Reactions from the Devolved Administrations to the Meeting of the Joint Ministerial Council

27 Oct 2016

On Monday, 24 October 2016, the UK Prime Minister convened a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee. This meeting, the first for more than two years, addressed the question of the UK’s EU withdrawal negotiations.

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