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Understanding the Smart Grid

21 Oct 2014

Smart grids are the topic of the second animation in the Institute’s ESB “Power to the People” series for 2014. This video explores what makes a grid smart and which benefits it brings to the consumer. While the smart grid constitutes a central part of national and EU-level energy policy, it remains an unclear concept for many. 

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Regional Electricity Markets – Seven Steps to a Single European Electricity Market

09 Oct 2014

Completing the internal energy market by 2014 remains a sizeable challenge. EU Member states still need to increase interconnections and further harmonise their market rules. This video explains the role regional electricity markets are playing in meeting this challenge and the benefits they are expected to bring.

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The Climate Summit & the Road to Paris

03 Oct 2014

On September 23rd over 100 world leaders attended the Climate Summit in New York at the invitation of Ban Ki-moon. More than 800 leaders from business, finance and civil society, including Tom Arnold, Director-General of the IIEA, and myself, joined them.  

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A New Start for Entrepreneurs and the EU in November

02 Oct 2014

A new College of European Commissioners will take office on 1 November 2014. What does this mean for European startups?

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Climate Change, the Global Carbon Budget and the Path to Paris Infographics

25 Sep 2014

Climate change moved to the forefront of the international agenda as leaders gathered for Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit in New York on 23 September 2014. This series of infographics explores the extent of the climate challenge we face. First we explain the idea of a global carbon budget and relate it to the CO2 emissions of the biggest global emitters from 1990. In our second infographic we bring the often underplayed contribution of agriculture and land use into the climate change picture. Finally, our third infographic identifies key dates and the issues that remain to be resolved in climate change negotiations on the path to a global agreement in Paris in 2015.

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The Path to Paris Infographic: Key Players and Dates

24 Sep 2014

The infographic demonstrates that the road to Paris is a long one. Over the coming months, a number of differences will have to be settled in order to secure a comprehensive agreement. Nations have a variety of national mitigation pledges, some for absolute reduction and some for more qualified reductions in emissions intensity, all gauged against a selection of baselines. To make it easier to understand this mixture of pledges we include their Climate Action Tracker rating to compare each country’s commitments.

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Integrating Agriculture and Land use into the Climate Picture. Infographic

24 Sep 2014

The second in the Global CO2 Emissions series of our infographics looks at how the relative contribution of the major emitters changes over time when agriculture and land use are considered. As we can see, in 2010 nearly 20% of global emissions came from non-fossil fuel sources. Of this, in the region of two thirds came from agricultural activities and the remainder from deforestation and other land use changes. 


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Major Economies and the Global Carbon Budget Infographic

18 Sep 2014

This is the first of three infographics that will be launched by the IIEA in the lead-in to next week’s UN Climate Summit in New York (on 27 September 2014) Here we explain the idea of a global carbon budget, and relate it to CO2 emissions of the biggest global emitters between 1990 and 2012.

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EU Elections, Nominations and Appointments: A Changing of the Guard or More of the Same?

10 Sep 2014

In this paper, Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, suggests that the ground has shifted on the nomination process for European Commission President. He also analyses the European Parliament election results and assesses the challenges facing the incoming Commission President.

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The European Union’s Scottish question

09 Sep 2014

In this paper, Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, argues that the institutions of the European Union and its Member States have a duty of care to respect the democratic will of the Scottish people – wherever that may lead.

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A Small State in a Large Union: The Irish Experience

08 Sep 2014

Download a paper delivered to The Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh on 01 September 2014. 


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Scotland and the Union: A Perspective from the British Treasury

08 Sep 2014

In June 2014, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary of the British Treasury, gave a keynote address on the Scottish independence debate and the economics of separation. 

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