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The French Presidential Elections: Their Impact on Europe and Transatlantic Relations Dr Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer 25 Apr 2017
Climate science and skepticism: a history of the warming hiatus Peter Thorne 24 Apr 2017
The Future of the Euro Paul De Grauwe 21 Apr 2017
France and the Future of European Defence Daniel Keohane 19 Apr 2017
German Defence Policy Priorities Dr Ralf Brauksiepe M.d.B. 12 Apr 2017
The French Presidential Election: France’s Next Revolution? Lara Marlowe; Prof John O'Brennan; Joe Mulholland 10 Apr 2017
How Donald Trump could Save EU foreign policy Stefan Lehne 07 Apr 2017
Delivering a Security Union: Making European Citizens Safer Sir Julian King 05 Apr 2017